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The online radio from Kempsey, Australia. A regional broadcasting station that keeps you updated about news and events from the area and of course gives you the very best music from around. Show more Macleay Valley Community FM Radio Station Incorporated, to use our official name, was spawned at a public meeting held in 1992. From this meeting emerged a dedicated team that forged forward towards the ultimate goal of obtaining a Community Broadcasting license for the Macleay Valley. The next five years leading up to our first test transmission in March 1997 meant a lot of hard work and dedication for the tireless volunteers who had to sell the idea of the valley's own radio station to the community, and raise much needed money to finance the proposal. A series of test transmissions over the next two years proved fruitful when the station was granted a Community Broadcasting license in 1999. Although licensed as 2WET, the station is known locally as Tank FM because the studio complex is housed in a disused concrete water reservoir, some 40 feet in diameter, in Rudder Park, overlooking the Macleay River and the township of Kempsey on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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New South Wales / Australia
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