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Latvia has a number of radio stations that offer a variety of programming to listeners. One of the most popular radio stations in Latvia is Radio SWH, which broadcasts a mix of news, sports, and entertainment. The station also features a variety of music, ranging from Latvian folk to international hits. Another popular radio station in Latvia is Star FM, which plays a mix of contemporary and classic hits. In addition to music, the station also offers news and current affairs programming.

Another radio station that is popular in Latvia is Radio NABA, which is known for its wide range of programming. The station features music from a variety of genres, as well as news and talk shows. Radio NABA is also known for its live events and concerts, which are broadcast across the country.

Overall, Latvia has a vibrant and diverse radio landscape, with stations catering to a wide range of interests and tastes. Whether you're looking for music, news, or entertainment, you'll be able to find a radio station in Latvia that suits your needs.

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