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Vatican City State is the smallest country in the world, both in terms of size and population. It is located within the city of Rome, Italy and is the residence of the Pope and the center of the Catholic Church. It is an independent city-state that is recognized by the United Nations as a sovereign territory.

Despite its small size, Vatican City State has its own radio station, known as Vatican Radio. The station was founded in 1931 and is run by the Vatican's Secretary of State. Vatican Radio broadcasts in multiple languages, including Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and can be listened to online or on shortwave radio.

In addition to Vatican Radio, Vatican City State also has a television station called CTV (Centro Televisivo Vaticano), which was founded in 1983. CTV broadcasts programs about the Catholic Church and the Pope, as well as cultural and educational programming.

Both Vatican Radio and CTV play an important role in keeping Catholics around the world informed about the activities of the Vatican and the Pope, as well as promoting the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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