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Voice therapy sessions, and anything that will assist in manifesting a healthy body, mind & soul. Show more Music to heal a nation, a race perhaps a planet It’s taken Seven years to get the genre right, now we are the first station in the world that specifically targets those of you who suffer from Insomnia,Tinnitus, Meniere’s Syndrome, Loss of Balance, help with Dyslexia and Speech problems, Attention Deficit Disorder, perhaps you are Tone Deaf and require a singing voice or you have a young baby that needs to be pacified or you could be simply laying in bed or lounging around the pool needing some rest. After a week or more of having Radio FM 88 in your house, motel, hotel, caravan, shopping centre, service station, hospital you will find a distinct calmness settle within the individual or group who are listening to Radio FM 88. There is no need to crank it up and turn up the bass that’s not going to help you reclaim your humanity, all you have to do is simply turn it on and let it play in the background ever so gently. You will be so surprised that as the days become weeks and the weeks become months you will notice the birds, crickets, dolphins and whale time calls, you will hear the rush of wind and thunder of waterfalls and the sounds of your DNA as the great classics come to life that touch your heart strings and lets your spirit rise to become part of this great country called “Australia” This is the sound of music that sings to your soul and your soul knows it.

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Queensland / Australia
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