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Sawt El Farah is a broadcast radio station from Sydney, NSW, Australia providing latest news, Arabic and Lebanese music. On air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Sawt El Farah 100.9 FM is an online Arabic radio station that was established in Sydney in 2005. It plays the best Arabic music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now. Show more When Sawt Al-Farah started broadcasting from 1989 on the wave of FM, with the power of sending 2000 watts, it took upon itself to plant joy, awareness and progress in every inch of Lebanon, especially its wounded south. It was then the first radio station in the south ... and over the years it was moving at a fast pace promising and studied, so that it could win the confidence of the Lebanese in different affiliations and places of their presence. Then it quickly launched 12,000 watts, becoming one of the first in Lebanon, covering most of the Lebanese territories and the parties of Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Cyprus, and provided programs related to the issues of the Lebanese people, social and national, supervised by a team of specialists, Where they provided the level of sophistication that suits the level of intellectual and public awareness that prevails in society. Work began on the radio on December 7, 1989, through our basic approach to building a civilized institution committed to the truth of the word, and the secretariat of the goal, it was necessary to diligently to choose the distinctive programs, which indicated something, but indicate the appropriate level of the homeland and its people. Their programs have diversified to include all topics of interest to the human level, ages and interests, whether at the cultural, health, social, sports or recreational levels. We have had meetings and dialogues with many specialists in the field. On religious and national occasions, radio was far from religious events. On this basis, we have covered all the religious occasions of all communities, especially during the great Ashura and the holy month of Ramadan, where we broadcast hundreds of lectures and consolation councils. As station have been keen to make progress and keep up with the spirit of the times, Sawt El Farah renew their commitment to you and continue to be careful about it, and here they are with you in every part of the earth, through the Internet, communicate, interact, integrate, To the human dimension in all their words, ideas, visions and experiences, and they will continue to strive to spread joy and awareness, and raise the name of Lebanon high throughout the world.

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New South Wales / Australia
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