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Brisvaani Radio 1701 AM is Australia's only radio station that caters to the Indian communities throughout Australia with 24/7 live webcast. Show more Brisvaani Radio started broadcasting in September 1997 the latest, up-to-date information and entertainment in everything desi - be it from India, Fiji, Pakistan Singapore, Canada, America or anywhere else in the world. Since then it has become Australia's favorite Hindi radio station. Brisvaani Radio is the only independent commercial radio station in Brisbane that broadcasts seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and brings entertainment, current affairs, BBC World, India and Fiji news, cultural and religious programs, interviews, talk-back, and other community-related programs to the Indian, Punjabi, Muslim, Bengali, Sri Lankan, South African, Afghanistan and Fijian communities. The radio covers a range of special music programs, from old classics to contemporary pop, and blues to Hindi dance music. Their talk programs examine social issues, address health and spiritual needs, and discuss local current affairs for the audiences. The program presenters belong to a diverse range of backgrounds and include qualified professionals, academics, religious and cultural leaders. They come from India, Pakistan, and Fiji and understand the needs and tastes of their audiences. They also constantly listen to stations' listeners and make necessary improvements. Having a target audience in excess of 300,000, including internet listeners, Brisvaani Radio’s programs are also listened to by Indians Australia-wide/worldwide through online radio on our website. Radio station is a powerful advertising tool to help Queensland’s business community connect with the Indians in the state. All their programs, news, and talk-shows are only about them and no one else, making Brisvaani Radio the businesses’ most effective advertising choice for targeting Indians.

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