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Launceston College Radio, or LCFM 87.8, is a one-of-a-kind station that broadcasts live to air from the K-12 educational sector in Tasmania, Australia. Tune in to hear the latest hits and engaging student-led content. You can easily listen to LCFM 87.8 online through various platforms, including and Mytuner. Not only is LCFM 87.8 one of the best radio stations in Australia, but it's also free to listen to. In addition to LCFM 87.8, there are many other popular stations to choose from, such as 2GB, 2MMM, 3MMM, 2Day, and 3AW. If you're in the Launceston area, you can visit the college in person at 107-119 Paterson Street and listen to LCFM 87.8 live. Alternatively, you can listen to LCFM 87.8 online from anywhere through the free radio livestream. Don't miss out on the unique and entertaining programming that Launceston College Radio has to offer.

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Launceston / Australia
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