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FBi Radio is an independent youth broadcaster. Good radio, with Sydney music, arts and culture being our specialty. Station's mission is to shape and amplify independent culture in Sydney. Show more FBi 94.5FM has been on air since 2003, delivering the best in new music, arts and culture. They play 50% Australian music, with half of that from Sydney. FBi Click was established in 2014 to specialise in electronic and dance music. Presented by Sydney’s best crews, FBi Click covered everything from deep house and disco to Afrobeat and electronica. On June 5, 2017 FBi Click was disbanded with regular flavour FBi Radio taking its place on DAB+. FBi[Free Broadcast Inc] was established in 1995 and ran a series of month-long test broadcasts for many years. After a lengthy campaign for a full-time licence, the Australian Broadcasting Authority granted FBi a licence to broadcast across Sydney on 94.5FM. The station launched full time on August 29, 2003.

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New South Wales / Australia
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