4ZZZ is one of the most unique independent community broadcasters in Australia, broadcasting a diverse range of programs 24 hours per day. Show more The station began transmission on December 8 1975 as the first FM community broadcaster in Brisbane transmitting in stereo. Throughout its history, 4ZZZ has been renowned for supporting local music and artists, putting on great events, presenting news and opinions not found in mainstream media and providing support to our local community. When tuning into 102.1fm you will hear many musical genres including rock, hip hop, indie, dancehall, punk, dub, reggae, noise, electronica, ska and drum & bass. 4ZZZ is unique in that we don't use playlists to control what music hits the airwaves. When announcing station volunteers select all of the music you hear. Announcers' are however required to meet certain quotas to ensure adequate representation is given to local, new and Australian music and music with female content. Most of the music played on 4ZZZ comes from our huge music library which is constantly expanding with new music (predominantly local and Australian) being added every week.

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