90.1 NBC FM was first started as Sydney's first full time suburban community radio station. The station started on the 6th May 1983 and is on air 24 hours a day. Tune into 90.1 fm to enjoy your friendly local radio featuring timeless music and community talk back radio Show more Not only does 90.1 2NBC FM broadcast programs for the English listeners but caters to the needs of the ethnic communities resident in the area. These include Arabic, Greek, French , Macedonian, Samoan, Spanish, Indian and Chinese.2NBC does not have a single format or style of programming but has many formats which can change almost hourly, catering for a variety of interests within the local community. As well as coverage of local news and community issues, music programming ranges from jazz, country, easy listening to music from the 1950s through to the 1990s.

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New South Wales / Australia
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