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As part of the company "Nezavisne novine" from Banja Luka, Nes radio started broadcasting the program on June 1, 1997. on the frequency 99.9 MHz. Nes has become a recognizable radio station that offers its listeners, in addition to quality entertainment music, objective and fresh information and a series of thematic shows. The preparation and implementation of the 24-hour program is carried out by 12 full-time employees, journalists-hosts, technicians and support staff, whom you can get to know on the Impressum page. We broadcast the program on six frequencies and our signal covers 2/3 of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as part of Croatia. According to a free estimate, approximately 2,500,000 people live in the territory covered by our signal. FREQUENCIES: CITY OF SARAJEVO 87.7 MHz CITY OF BANJALUKA 88.4 MHz KOTOR VAROS REGION 89.7 MHz TUZLA REGION 95.5 MHz REGION BIHAĆ 99.3 MHz BANJLUKA REGION 106.4 MHz We have a verified clean FM signal in the following major cities: ZAGREB, PEĆUJ, ŽUPANJA, LOZNICA, TUZLA, OGULIN, SISAK. We have listed these cities as markers because it is understood that the program is heard in the space between them. The quality of the signal in that area depends on the configuration of the terrain and the operation of local radio stations on close frequencies. The program we broadcast is prepared for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of their national or religious affiliation. We are the first radio station from Republika Srpska that established contacts and exchange of contributions with radio stations from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, back in 1997 at the time of the complete media blockade. In this regard, from the beginning until today, we have kept the slogan "The place where hate ends and love begins". We have our own digital radio production, two studios and a large marketing team that serves numerous clients from the former Yugoslavia. According to all relevant domestic and international research, Nes radio is among the three most listened to radio stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have received numerous awards for our contribution to the development of electronic media and independent journalism. Nes Radio was a media sponsor and co-organizer of numerous cultural and sports events in BiH, and among them was the "BiH Sportsman of the Year Contest".

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Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina
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