SYN is a media organisation run by a community of young people that provides training and broadcast opportunities for young Australians. Station broadcasts on one of the largest community radio licences in Victoria and can be heard throughout Melbourne, Geelong and in parts of regional Victoria on 90.7 FM. Show more With a history spanning over a decade, SYN 90.7 is all about Melbourne’s youth community creating content and letting their voice be heard. Produced and presented entirely by young people between the ages of 12 and 25, SYN 90.7 FM do things a little differently to everyone else – they’ve got a bunch of flagship year-round programs that cover everything from news and current affairs, to sex and relationships, music, art, comedy, variety and sport. The rest of our programs get rebooted, every three months in an ever changing rotation of niche programming. With such eclectic programming there’s always something on air to keep you informed, engaged and entertained. VALUES: Access: SYN provides open access for all young people to participate in its community. Independence: SYN produces content free from commercial and other external pressures. Participation: SYN supports young people to take charge of media creation, training and governance. Diversity: SYN actively encourages a range of youth perspectives, cultures and ideas. Innovation: SYN celebrates quality, and supports creativity and flexibility in its programming and operations. Independence: SYN produces content free from commercial and other external pressures. PROGRAMS: FLAGSHIP Flagships are station's regular programs that run every week throughout the year. Some programs run five days a week, such as Get Cereal, four days a week like The Hoist, twice a week like The Sports Desk or just once a week like Raise The Platform. Flagships operate with an Executive Producer and sometimes an Assistant Producer who take on these role for a year. Each week, the shows are put on by a rotating team of hosts. All producers and presenters are volunteers aged between 12-26. SEASONAL Some ideas for programs aren’t suited to a Flagship program. They’re just too unique. Seasonal programs allow volunteers to create a show about almost anything. This give volunteers the opportunity to get really creative with their ideas and provides them with more autonomy to create a show that is uniquely theirs.

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