Radio Sydney BLUE is a premier radio station located in Australia, offering a diverse selection of blues and jazz music from independent Australian artists. The station can be easily accessed via the internet at Mytuner, where listeners can tune in for free and enjoy a wide range of blues radio stations from Sydney and beyond. Additionally, Radio Sydney BLUE can be listened to live at the designated time of 21:00 to 23:00 on station 2RDJ 88.1 FM, presented by Hugo the Swing Master. In addition to playing an eclectic mix of blues and jazz, Hugo also shares his "What's On" segment, highlighting live blues events happening in Sydney for the current week. In addition to Radio Sydney BLUE, there are several other top blues radio stations in Australia, including PBS FM Radio, 3NRG FM, and 98.9 Northwest FM. If you're a fan of blues music and want to discover new and exciting Australian artists, be sure to tune in to Radio Sydney BLUE.

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