Meeka FM

Meeka FM is the most unique radio station in the world! Meeka FM like to give everyone a chance to get on air and play their fav songs. They have enjoyed the company of many musicians such as John Williamson, Ivan Zarr and many more artists. Show more Meeka FM is Meekatharra's Community Radio Station, run by volunteers it broadcasts for 24 hours per day. It is a hub for music lovers everywhere. Some programs now develivered by Radio MAMA: Mon 7-9am Breakfast Show Mon 9-10am National Talkblack Talkback Mon 5-7pm Kevin Merritt with Country Cruisin' old country Tues 9-12noon MAMA Morning Show with Dianne Gray Talk, info great music Tues 6-9pm MAMA sings da Blues with ColCAM Wed 7-9am Breakfast Show Wed 9-12 noon MAMA Morning Show Wed 7-10pm Queen of the Kimberley Mary G Thurs 9-12 noon MAMA Morning Show with Dianne Gray Fri 7-9 Breakfast Show Fri 9-10am National Talkblack Talkback Fri 6-12pm Aussie Home Grown Aussie Country and Ben Sorrensen's Real Country Sat 8-9am Kevin's Changing Lives Sat 10-12noon Sports Shed hosted by Peter Fiorenza Sat 6pm to midnight Welcome to the Rockhouse ... classic hits Sunday 6am-1pm Aussie Barbie Breakie Show Bluegrass... Bush Yarns ... Comedy ... great country! So tune in and lock onto Meeka FM at home ... work or play Meeka FM 98.3fm on your dial. Try it and if you like it tell all your friends.