Huon & KIngston FM

Community radio station based in Geeveston & Kingston, Tasmania, Australia - Huon & Kingston FM broadcasts on 95.3 and on 98.5 also streaming on the web via - the southern most station in the nation!! Show more As a member of the community you are invited to become involved as a member, a volunteer or to provide information relevant to the operation of the station, programming, standards, areas where Huon & Kingston FM is not serving a need or not providing programs for any minority, disadvantaged or unrepresented group in the community. Community involvement is essential in ensuring that Huon & Kingston FM continues to represent its community of interest and encourages members of the community to participate in the operations and programming of Huon & Kingston FM. Station's production facilities produce the majority of sponsorship messages heard on Huon & Kingston FM and we produce several programs which have been initiated off site and interstate. Huon & Kingston FM’s facilities are available for hire to produce to broadcast standard advertising messages using local or imported talent, the generation of entire programs, voice overs, professional recording and production of CDs of musical artists and groups. Equipment used includes a selection of high quality Rode and Shure microphones, a soundproof booth for voice recording and a digital editing software suite. Costs can be quoted in advance and are very competitive compared to those in a commercial environment.

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Tasmania / Australia
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