Our music encompasses the full range of music styles - from swing to Latin to bebop. Our specialist music programs cover soul, blues and funk, Cuban and Brazilian, gypsy, world and dance. We also have magazine shows with talk and interviews: Arts in the morning, with stories on the arts and Drive East in the afternoons, featuring discussion of community and political issues. Show more Eastside Radio presents a range of specialist music genres, including jazz in its many styles from traditional to free jazz to swing to Latin to Bebop and fusion. Specialist music programmes cover soul, blues and funk, Cuban and Brazilian, gyspsy, world music and dance. The station also specialises in broad coverage of the arts through its weekday morning Arts programmes, which range from magazine style shows to those with more in-depth focus on the visual arts and performing arts, as well as film, literature and other inter-disciplinary fields. The afternoon Drive programmes specialise in local community news and political issues. The station also offers several programmes in languages other than English and lifestyle programmes. Many of the Eastside presenters are Sydney-based musicians and artists, bringing specialist knowledge and personality to the programming. The station does not use playlists, instead allowing the presenters to make their own music selections

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