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Not just noise.BOOM Radio is an Internet Radio station broadcasting from Perth, Australia, playing Local Music, Indie Rock music. Show more Boom Radio broadcasts live from Leederville, in Perth. It’s run by students of North Metropolitan TAFE who probably live near you. They are also in their second and final year, studying an Advance Diploma of Screen and Media (Radio Broadcasting). Promoting Perth music is our aim with our sights set on attaining local businesses and charities as sponsors, but most of all allowing us – the students – to develop our practical radio skills so we’re ready for a passion-driven career in radio. You’ve probably noticed a few disappearances of shows and presenters – that’s because they moved on and are now living their dream as radio presenters, producers, sound producers… Whatever is their calling. Want to get involved? There’s nothing stopping you! Whether you’re a fan and want to request a song or an artist wanting some air-play and promotion, hit up our Song Request page. If you want more entertainment, why not give us a like on Facebook? Or hey, want to get behind the scenes and join us? Check out the Radio Diploma & Radio Advanced Diploma page over on North Metro‘s site, because Radio at NMT is a home for every voice.

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