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Nestled in the bustling streets of Collingwood, Victoria, lies PBS 106.7FM, a veritable oasis of musical discovery and community radio. Since 1979, this esteemed broadcaster has been a mainstay in Melbourne's vibrant music scene, showcasing the best in local and international talent through a variety of specialist music programs. Located at B1, 35 Johnston Street, this beacon of audio excellence can be reached by mail at PO Box 2917 in Fitzroy MDC 3065 or by phone at (+61 3) 8415 1067. With more than 80 specialized music programs, PBS 106.7FM caters to a wide range of tastes and interests, making it a must-listen for any self-respecting music aficionado. In addition to its outstanding on-air programming, PBS 106.7FM is also known for its commitment to community engagement and support. As a cooperatively owned station, it is dedicated to using the power of radio to bring people together and amplify diverse voices. So why wait? Tune in to PBS 106.7FM and discover a world of musical possibility. Your ears (and soul) will thank you.

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Melbourne / Australia
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