3GCR Gippsland 104.7 FM

Located in the heart of Morwell, Victoria, Gippsland FM is a veritable oasis for those seeking an alternative to mainstream media. As a non-profit, volunteer-run community radio station, Gippsland FM aims to provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives from the central Gippsland area. With a frequency of 104.7 FM, Gippsland FM can be easily tuned in to from a variety of devices, including your favorite radio, computer, or smartphone. Whether you're a resident of the Latrobe Valley or simply looking for a fresh perspective on the news and entertainment of the day, Gippsland FM is an ideal choice for those in search of something a bit more idiosyncratic. So why wait? Tune in today and discover the rich tapestry of voices and viewpoints that make Gippsland FM such a unique and enriching listening experience!

About 3GCR Gippsland 104.7 FM
Morwell / Australia

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