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2BACR 100.9fm is your local community radio station bringing you great music, sports, news and a diverse range of programs. Have a look at our ... See more album "Programs" for program content. Tune in to 2bacr 100.9fm!Welcome to 2BACR, your local community radio station. We bring you great music, sports, news and a diverse range of programs.Go to www.2bacr.com Show more 2BACR MISSION 2BACR Mission as a Community Radio Station is to entertain as well as educate our listening audience. We aim to provide a vibrant, community focused and broadly inclusive radio station for the Bankstown - Auburn community that delivers in both the English language and other Ethnic languages based on the demographics of the broadcast license area. We aim to be a Community Radio station that: Enlivens the culture and social climate of the license area Is high quality Is participative Has a community perspective Is responsive to the needs of the community Provides a forum to discuss current issues Fosters links between all community groups within the area Is artistically diverse Has informative and educational programming BACR radio has an emphasis on, and actively encourages local content including current issues that affect community members of the license area, broadcasting local music talent and cultural activities/events. It strives to broadcast fresh, creative, informative and intelligent programming for our listeners and cater for both English and Ethnic languages wihtout discrimination. STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES To present original, rich and diverse programs of music and other forms of expresion free from the direct constraints of commercial interests without prejudice. To provide the community with a significant alternative to other broadcast media within the station's service area. To provide entertaining music, educational and public affairs programming and information on issues and events of interest to the community in English and Ethnic languages based on the needs of the local community.

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New South Wales / Australia
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